3.2m FrontLine Press

The Frontline Press is the world’s first interlocking timber laminating press, which can produce guaranteed 100% top quality panels with perfect joints. It is also very cost effective. Being such a user-friendly piece of machinery, skilled labour is not necessarily needed to operate it.

This product can also be tailor-made, upon request, to suit your manufacturing needs.

Product Description

Bowed Thin Panels, Warped & Twisted Timber,and Skilled Labour are all things of the past.

  1. Heavy construction reinforced frame.
  2. Pressing both dimensions simultaneously.
  3. Guaranteed top quality panels with perfect joints.
  4. Sideways movements.
  5. Multipurpose use.
  6. User-friendly and cost-effective.
  7. Optional pneumatically controlled sash clamp units.
  8. Fast threading rods for fast clamping.
  9. Anodised Aluminum units.

Download Video:

Pressing Clamps
Pressing Clamps

Accessories (Optional):

  • Pneumatic air cylinder (preferably to be used as a sash clamp and not as a flattening press) can be adapted instantly to all units for faster production runs.
  • Clamp storage trolley on castors for easy handling.
  • Aluminum extruded insert brackets to allow joining of multiple units together.
  • Quick-action stop movement.
  • Stops and pusher can be available upon request to do panels from 80mm-140mm thickness.
  • Clamp units can be tailor-made to requested sizes.
  • Sideways movement traveling skates ( Zinc-plated ).
  • Galvanized frame rails.
  • Individual extra clamps.
  • Air cylinder unit with control valve attached, adapts to all frontline clamps instantly.


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